I’ve had two blog’s for a few years now. One sort of general (this one) and one more devoted to photography. I’ve ignored them both greatly in the past three or four years but now feel it’s time to change that.
Trying to account for your own weaknesses is never easy. But dividing my attention between two that I had defined somewhat narrowly in my brain hasn’t been working well for me. So I’m rolling them into one. I’m packing my bags and moving over to my other blog. So to any of my friends who are still following me, I’ve tidied up and dusted at Blind Eye Turned. It is my much neglected photo blog. Way back when I had the crazy notion of putting a more professional face on my photography.

I’ll leave this one up as a monument to procrastination, but it’s the other blog I’ll actually make an effort to post to.  It will be more open-season over there than it has been.  I find photographs tend to bring out a story in me and love to post that sort of thing, but there is going to be more than just photography.  I’ll certainly try to do better than a post every two years!