I’m not sure how long ago it was I last posted.  I know I could look it up, but viscerally it spans relationships, jobs and homes.

My last note left me and my partner struggling with the addition of a boat.  Since then we have both gone in different directions (both literally and figuratively) and are now friendly but distant (literally, not figuratively).  She moved 3 hours away in one direction, I moved 2 hours away in another.  Now, with life finally beginning to reach some sort of equilibrium I find the voice in my head that insists on being written down has become downright unbearable.

So here it is, the <Hiatus>.  I’m now living on the South Shore (where, incidentally I grew up) I’ve changed jobs (although I work for the same company), I now have a house that, problematic as it is, is all mine, and a new relationship full of hope and potential.  Alas the boat, which you will recall was bought by the partner, is elsewhere, and no longer taking me on adventures.