What is it that makes us want to parade our thoughts or images or writing out into the big bad world? I’m not a “people” person, but I’ve got a streak of exhibitionism. I like to put my stuff out and get reactions. I prefer the good ones but even the bad ones mean I’ve engaged someone. Drawn them out of their 9-to-5 world and made them think, or pissed them off, or excited them, or shown them something mysterious that tweaks the imagination.

But why bother? Are we looking for validation from others? Is the malfunctioning social part of the brain still trying to engage in whatever way possible (short of, you know, going out and meeting people)?

Sometimes I question the sanity of spending time each night working on an image and posting it to see the reaction of friends and strangers. I mean, yeah it’s like having your own free focus-group and gives you insight into what people might like if you frame it up and exhibit it. But does it get me any closer to what I want to be as a photographer?

This feels too much like one of those conversations a super-hero has with himself in a comic book, as he’s fighting the bad guy. The bad guy is a distraction to the important work of self-analysis, but who is he? Where’s my bad guy?

Anyway, here’s a picture. One of my favourites from the pond last winter.

old man