The storm took away the mast, sails, punctured the hull and filled her with water. The hapless photographer stuck with his craft until the end, then launched the life raft. Now the only land for hundreds of miles (and not shown on his charts, of course) is just visible in the setting sun. The currents are taking him away from it, where else can he go? Time to paddle!

Details: Well, the basic background was generated on the computer. Sea, islands and gloomy sky. On that I layered a seascape I took off of Prospect, Nova Scotia and modified its perspective to match the computer generated one. I played with the opacity and used “multiply” to join them. The sky I took from here in Debert and joined that layer to the computer generated one using “burn”.
I had a lot of fun when I was creating this series on epz. For that matter it’s never actually ended, since I started with the last shot and am still working my way towards it. There is a certain freedom knowing how it ends. The fun really is in the journey there!