A couple of posts ago I promised to put up my "Hapless Photographer" series here. I got caught up in other things, but always it was there in the back of my mind (the back of my mind is a very large place, and seems to hold an awful lot of stuff!).

This all started because of the photo above. Ok, it's not going to make the cover of "National Geographic". but there was something about it I liked. So I thought about why I liked it. I realised it wasn't so much the photograph, it was the story it implied!
Picture a photographer, lost, trapped on a deserted island. This is the last picture he takes before his final breath, the gulls circling and the tropical sun beating down on him.

Sounded like a great idea for a series! How do you make such a thing even believable? There aren't any photo printers or drugstores on deserted islands… Ok, what if he had a Polaroid camera? And a marker to write a caption? At this point I had a series in my mind and a "look" for it. So the shot became this:

I also realised that it wouldn't be much of a series if this was it. So the first shot became the last shot. I had my ending, now I just needed a beginning and a middle.