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Well, when there doesn't seem to be anything going on outside to take pictures of, you look indoors! I put black bristol board on a table, then wax paper on that (to make the water bead). Had a container of water, and another of blue dye. Add and stir as needed. Lit by incandescent but manual WB to white. Underexposed 1EV and then darkened the shadows more to give the paper more texture. I also ended up pushing the color temp way toward the yellow.

(c)2005 – Doug Merrett Posted by Picasa


Autumn near Sheet Harbour

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On a little jaunt through the Eastern Shore in late October, the water was high and the leaves were changing. Caught this along a boardwalk. I had my digital camera, but took this with the trusty old Pentax K1000 loaded with Velvia 100F slide film. To scan it in I actually attached my little slide viewer to the lens of my digital camera (it fits, I swear!) and pointed the rig at a nearby window.

You just can't beat the textures of slide film sometimes… Posted by Picasa