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Anyway, enough slide scanning. Here is a cool shot I cropped out of a print I took from my Oslo stuff. This was one of my first trips to “Europe” (well, Scandanavia….) and I thought “Wow! A statue of flying frogman!”. I suppose it’s actually called an “installation”, but I’m not that sophisticated. Posted by Hello



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Here is the sunrise shot I tried earlier with a slide viewer attached to my digital camera. Finally, by scanning a 5×7 print made from the slide I came up with an image that approaches the slide itself. Yes, it would be easier with a purely digital camera, donations to the Doug Digital Camera Fund gratefully accepted! Posted by Hello


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Rejection! Posted by Hello


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Sunsets can be dreadful things to convert from slide to digital. My scanner isn’t exactly the best rig for scanning slides, but it does ok. A saturated shot of a sunset with low light takes some major goosing to look remotely presentable.
This shot was taken from a lookoff near my mum’s house, Dublin Shore, Nova Scotia.Posted by Hello



Well, from Vienna to Oslo, Norway. Here is a monument I took from a number of angles. This shot I always liked best, perhap’s because of the way the clouds complement the feeling of cold mystery! Posted by Hello


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After a look at the spiritual side of Vienna, let’s check out the more secular. A row of colourful billboards along a cobblestone street. Posted by Hello


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Here is that last door from the hallway. These shots were taken at Kremsmunster monastery in Austria. A very interesting place to take pictures, and ironically learn a lot about the history of science. Posted by Hello

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