Windows as Metaphor

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I discovered, as I tried to decipher the older, pre-computer concept of windows as metaphor in human culture, that it isn’t easy to separate the computers out of it. The strength of using windows as a view into multiple operations of your computer is a strong one. Lots of people like to write about it.

Well, here was my first solid hit.

I want to find out why pictures with windows in them are so powerful. Why many of my favourites feature them.
Book Project

Certainly I’ve taken my share.


Public Gardens – Halifax Nova Scotia

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Last year there were two huge storms in Nova Scotia. One was the tail end of Hurricane Juan, the other was a huge snowstorm that dumped a meter of snow overnight, that got called “White Juan”. Well, the first storm kicked the hell out of two wonderful parks in Halifax, the Public Gardens, and Point Pleasant Park. I went looking through my photo’s for pictures and came up with a couple of the Public Gardens.
D. Merrett (c) 2004